July Birthstone Gifts 2015

It’s July and the birthstone for this month is of course the ruby.  Fiery hot like the weather of the summer month itself, these stones are passionate expressions of devotion and love making them great gift ideas for any occasion for someone with a birthday in July.  So today, I want to list some picks for 2015 gift ideas!

1) Ruby Solitaire Pendant

Ruby Floating Solitaire Pendant - Prong


Ruby Floating Solitaire Pendant – Prong

A solitaire pendant style is a great way to just highlight an incredible gemstone and when the stone to highlight is a ruby, it makes an amazing impression.  Rubies are highly sought after gemstones and in some cases can even rival a diamond in price.  The brilliant red color is romantic and emblematic of a deeply passionate soul that takes action with courage and integrity.  It’s a great way to celebrate a person you care for and give them a simple, stylish jewelry piece that they can wear pretty much anywhere.

2) Gold Ruby Earrings

Gold Ruby Earrings


Gold Ruby Earrings

Ruby Earrings like these are another simple style that is effortlessly fashionable.  They add just a dash of color to any wardrobe and are exceedingly elegant yet eye-catching.

3) Ruby & Diamond Double Heart Pendant

Ruby & Diamond Double Heart Pendant


Ruby & Diamond Double Heart Pendant

A double heart pendant is a really sentimental style that has been fairly popular with our customers.  This rendition with rubies adds more of the affectionate sentiments of the rubies to make it ever so slightly more romantic than the base version made entirely of diamonds.  Colorful and sparkling, tell that someone special how important they are to you with a tender gift idea like this one.

We hope you enjoyed this look into July birthstone jewelry!  We have plenty more ruby pieces on our website, so feel free to browse them all.

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