Jewelry Education – Diamond Color

Diamond color is one of the 4 C’s used in diamond grading.  This term refers to the actual body color of a diamond and grades diamonds that are in the “normal color range”.  Diamonds are graded on a scale of D-Z, with D being completely colorless and Z being a pale yellow or a brown color.  Colorless diamonds are rarer, and thus more valuable.

Color is generally considered the second most important factor when choosing a diamond, with diamond cut being the first.  The sparkle of a diamond is what first attracts a consumer to a diamond and the consumer noticing the color second.

As the size of a diamond increases, the color becomes much more noticeable.  If you are interested in purchasing a larger diamond, such as a carat or more, color is very important to consider.

Most consumers want to purchase the best value for their money.  Since the visible difference between one color grade of diamonds to the next is difficult to notice with the unaided eye, most of our consumers are selecting diamonds with F, G, or H color.

It is also important to note that diamond cuts that reflect more light, such as round brilliant or princess cut diamonds, actually mask some of the color of diamond.  This is due to certain diamond cuts reflecting more light.  Florescence can also make a diamond with a lower color grade appear whiter.

Setting a diamond in a certain precious metal should also be taken into consideration so that the diamond color is complemented.  Platinum and white gold complement diamonds with a grade of D through H, while yellow gold is best suited for diamonds with a color of I or J.

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