Is More Than One Wedding Gown Too Over the Top?

Many brides are choosing to change their ensemble between their wedding ceremony and their wedding reception.  Perhaps they have found two gowns that they are having trouble deciding between or perhaps they feel as though their already selected wedding gown is not appropriate for their reception location.  But are two separate gowns truly necessary?  What do you think about this growing trend or wearing more than one wedding gown?

In order to determine if this trend is right for you, you will have to decide what your wedding priorities are.  If you are on a tight wedding budget, would you rather get the princess cut eternity band of your dreams or purchase two different wedding gowns?  If your budget only allows for one wedding dress, you must decide whether your dream wedding gown is the most important, or your overall comfort and ability to enjoy yourself during the day.  This will help you pick the right dress for you.  You can also only search for two-in-one wedding gowns that transform into a lighter, shorter version after your wedding ceremony has ended.

Even if you have the budget to purchase your eternity ring that you’ve always wanted as well as two different wedding dresses, are both of them truly necessary?  In the end, will your day benefit because you purchased two different wedding gowns or could that money have been more useful in a different arena of your wedding or life?  Let us know your opinion in te comments.

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