How to Wear a Basket Style Engagement Ring

As engagement rings are increasingly becoming more ornate and larger overall, basket designs are coming to be the standard for diamond engagement rings. Those who appreciate the little details in and around their ring will be a fan of a basket design setting because there is more to look at. Baskets can be set with pave diamonds and or hand engraved for a more antique style. The most important decision when thinking about how to pair an eternity band with a basket style engagement ring is if you will need a curved band or not. deBebians offers both standard wedding bands and curved bands to match each and every one of our styles.  Below are two different options of how to pair a wedding band with your basket style engagement ring.

Style # HE225 was modified for an oval center diamond. On the right, it is paired with a u pave eternity band.

Style # HE225 is a bezel halo ring that features a very ornate, larger basket style design that extends outward from the shank. The basket does make for a more antique design but it also prevents a standard wedding band from sitting flush with it and or requires a very extreme curved wedding band. With this ring, I personally like it with standard wedding band, such as a u pave eternity ring, because you are able to get a full view of both rings and can appreciate their different styles. This arrangement gives you the opportunity to continue to look at the detailing of the basket design as well as display more diamonds because the eternity is visible from all angles.

Style # HE104 can be paired with our curved wedding band, which is style # CWB-01.

Style # HE104 is a cushion halo basket designed engagement ring. We manufacture this mounting with a variety of diamond and metal combinations, with all of them featuring a more modest basket design.  This kind of mounting is easily paired with a pave diamond wedding band with a curve. The style # for the matching curved half eternity ring is CWB-01. This mounting will sit flush as the curve is designed to fit around the basket perfectly. In this arrangement, you would see less of the wedding band from the top view.

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