How to Search for a Loose Diamond

How to Search for a Loose Diamond

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Searching for diamonds online can be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors to consider and without knowing exactly what to look for; it can be easy to overlook a fantastic option. One of the most confusing parts of a loose diamond search is cut grade. Cut describes the relationship between the angles and proportions of a diamond that suggests how bright and sparkly a diamond will be. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the only diamond cut that the GIA recognizes as having a cut grade system. Fancy cut diamonds have trade suggested ideal proportions, however their parameters are much wider and more lenient. The result is that “cut” for fancy shaped diamonds is different than on round brilliants, this being in terms of guidelines and how they are listed in our loose diamond search.

If you are searching for a round brilliant cut diamond in the deBebians loose diamond search, I always recommend selecting a stone with a cut grade of excellent-vault. By selecting these parameters, you are only considering GIA certified excellent cut grade diamonds. The gemologist at deBebians do provide a selection of what we feel is the most ideal “vault” quality, but these stones will only at best be graded “excellent” by the gemological institute of America.

If you are searching for a fancy cut diamond in the deBebians loose diamond search, I would recommend searching for a cut grade of good-excellent. Expanding the cut grade parameters will allow you to consider fancy shapes of a variety of proportions. For example, a princess is typically square. However, there are rectangular princess cut diamonds. These proportions might inhibit a stone from being considered an excellent cut on our loose diamond search, but it could be ideal for you. Sometimes we sacrifice proportions to yield a certain shape preference and this is something that cut grade can’t accommodate for in a fancy diamond search.

The cut grade options in our loose diamond search are there to guide you into making sure you are considering quality diamonds. We always recommend working with a gemologist post your initial research to narrow your options as there are always things that one might overlook. If you know you want direct assistance, you can always fill out our personal diamond shopper form and a gemologist will follow up within one business day.

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