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How to Care for Your Diamond Jewelry & Eternity Engagement Rings

eternity engagement rings

Caring for any diamond jewelry like a princess cut eternity band should be taken seriously.

Even though diamonds are quite hard and one of the hardest substances found on the earth, it is possible to damage your diamond jewelry if you do not properly care for it.  Diamonds can chip, become scratched, and even break as nothing in this world is indestructible.

When wearing your diamond jewelry, such as eternity engagement rings, you should be mindful of your activities and conscious of your jewelry upon your finger.  It may be best to remove your eternity band when doing any kind of activity that may possibly expose it to an undesirable substance or to suffer any kind of traumatic force.  These types of activities can include, but are not limited to intense exercising, washing dishes, swimming, or gardening.

Proper Cleaning & Diamond Jewelry Storage:

Your diamond jewelry, such as a princess cut eternity band, comes in contact with many different substances during ordinary wear.  Dirt, perspiration, dust, natural skin oils, and anything that else that may come in contact with your ring will dull the natural beauty and sparkle of the diamonds over time.

Your diamond jewelry and eternity engagement rings can be easily cleaned. We recommend that you clean your jewelry with household window cleaner.  We also recommend that you have your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected every six months to a year.  If your jewelry has suffered any kind of trauma, we recommend having it inspected as soon as possible.   This is essential to prevent the loss of a diamond or gemstone.  Please contact us for details and pricing if you would like deBebians to clean and inspect your jewelry.  You may email us at or give us a call at 213-627-1300 with any inquiries as we are happy to take care of your jewelry for a lifetime.

Diamonds can scratch other diamonds, precious metals, and other gemstones.  We recommend that you store all of your jewelry in separate soft cloth pouches while not being worn to prevent damage to any of your jewelry.

Insuring Your Diamond Jewelry:

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