History & Traditions behind Diamond Eternity Rings

traditions behind diamond eternity rings

The history of the diamond eternity ring is a rich one, which dates back approximately 4000 years.

Diamond eternity rings were designed to be a symbol and a token of everlasting love.  A diamond eternity ring was traditionally presented after a couple was already married as an anniversary gift or even to commemorate the birth of a first child.  Today, many women also choose to wear a diamond eternity ring as their wedding ring or as part of their bridal set.

The concept of an eternity ring dates back to early Egypt, approximately 4,000 years ago.  These rings were not worn to necessarily mark a particular event or anniversary, but to simply celebrate eternal life and love.  Some early examples of the eternity rings that were found feature stones set in metal, precious or otherwise, either part-way or completely around the band.  Others were designed to feature a snake eating its own tail, which also represents eternity.

Today, diamond eternity rings are among the most popular gifts for special wedding anniversaries.  Alternatively, a diamond eternity ring has also come to represent the circle of life, which makes it an ideal gift given to a new mother after the birth of her first child.

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