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High Quality Engagement Rings

Oval Pave Engagement Ring

A lot of people don’t know this about us but we started out as a jewelry manufacturer for various jewelry stores. Even to this day, a huge portion of our sales go to fine jewelry stores. In my professional opinion, you can without a doubt get the same high quality engagement rings online as you can in a retail store environment. Be sure to consider all of your options when shopping for a high quality engagement ring, including brick and mortar jewelry stores and online stores.

Most everything is being purchased online this day and age. One of the main reasons high quality engagement rings are doing so well online is the fact that the client has a much better selection and they are available at a much better price. Does that mean you should go with the person who is making the engagement ring the cheapest? The answer to that is ultimately “no.” Retail customers think that if you find a ring that looks very comparable to another ring and the diamond quality is the same and the carat weight is the same then therefore the ring will be the same. Well, that’s not the case. To manufacture a high quality engagement ring, you need a great designer and a master micro pave’ setter (diamond setter). The designer is the one who starts off making the ring for the proper diamond sizes, then it goes to the polisher, and finally to the diamond setter. Every aspect of the jewelry manufacturing process is important, but in my opinion, the diamond setter or micro pave’ setter is the key. We have master diamond setters and micro pave’ setters at This is the reason we can call ourselves high quality engagement ring manufactures and designers.

When I am designing any piece of jewelry I always ask myself how I would design and manufacture this piece if it were for my wife. I design and manufacture all the pieces of jewelry as if it was being manufactured for my wife.

Give me the opportunity to design and manufacture your high quality engagement ring. You will be very impressed with the quality of our engagement rings and our customer service.



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