Help, I Hate My Engagement Ring!

You adore him and the fact that he proposed, but perhaps the engagement ring is just not quite your style. What should you do if you find yourself thinking “Help, I hate my engagement ring?”

You can see it in his eyes that he’s nervous, but excited. After you both have dried your eyes and absorbed the momentous moment, perhaps you notice that the engagement ring that he lovingly selected doesn’t quite suit you.

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be challenging for your husband-to-be. Since this is something that you will wear everyday, it is important that you love it.

Believe it or not, we do encounter this problem from time to time. Unfortunately, there is usually a time limit on when the ring needs to be returned or exchanged if it doesn’t melt your heart the way his affection does. For our non-custom and non-engraved rings, we offer 30-day exchanges and returns. If you do not love your engagement ring, it is better to speak to him sooner rather than later.

Gently suggest that the two of you browse engagement rings together to pick out the perfect ring. If you have always dreamt of cushion cut halo engagement rings, explain to your fiancé that you appreciate the gesture, but for a major purchase such as this, it is important that you fall in love with the ring as much as you have fallen in love with him.

A halo diamond ring can be set with virtually and shape or size center stone. Our professional jewelers can easily design the engagement ring of your dreams.

If the ring that you were given is a family heirloom, it may come as no surprise that you desire a ring that was picked out specifically for you and your upcoming union. Let him know that you are honored to be given such an important piece of your family history, but a ring that was chosen especially for your wedding would be preferable. Perhaps you can even take the center stone from the heirloom piece and incorporate it into a halo diamond ring.  Resetting a center diamond is easy with our expert jewelers and gemologists.  Creating a custom halo diamond ring is something that you and your husband-to-be can experience together.

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