Hand Engraving Options

We are very lucky to have a master hand engraver. Our hand engraver is capable of doing any kind of hand engraving on any piece of jewelry. Below you will find a few popular hand engraving styles that we can engrave on almost all kinds of jewelry.

Tulip Hand Engraving

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This is our most popular hand engraving style and one of my favorite designs. To me, the hand engraving looks like tulips. Notice the continuous flow around the ring.  What a gorgeous design.

Leaf Hand Engraving

Nature Inspired Oval Halo Engagement Ring with Leaf Basket

To me, this engraving resembles a leaf like pattern which is why this particular ring, style HE254, is considered nature-inspired. You don’t really need to zoom in to see the difference between this style hand engraving and the one I previously discussed. Both are unique and both are gorgeous!

“V” Pattern Hand Engraving

Round Halo Diamond Ring

Round Halo Diamond Ring Side

I would describe this style hand engraving as a ‘V’ pattern. Our hand engraving carves a continuous pattern all around the ring. Notice the detailing at the bottom of the ring where the engraving meets and how the design isn’t interrupted. Unlike the previous design, this ring doesn’t feature a sizing bar. If you prefer a sizing bar (space without engraving), just let us know when you are placing your order.

Scroll Design Hand Engraving

Hand Engraved Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This scroll design hand engraving is our second most popular hand engraving style. The soft flowing swirls are hand carved and give a whimsical feel to the ring.

These are our main designs when it comes to hand engraving on our engagement rings. If you prefer a different style, do not hesitate to let us know. Here is a link to request a free custom price quote. We look forward to assisting you and making your dream ring come true.


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