Hand Engraving – Designs and Styles

Hand engraving is something I have appreciated since I was a child in my father’s antiques store.  He always showed me the craftsmanship of fine hand engraving and the different designs and styles.

The picture below is one of our most popular hand engravings on our engagement rings.  This tulip hand engraving style gives our engagement rings and wedding bands an antique and timeless look.

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The hand engraving design on this ring below looks similar to the design on the top.  I’m not going to say it looks exactly the same but the hand engraving design is similar.

This is also quite popular.

Nature Inspired Oval Halo Engagement Ring with Leaf Basket Hand Engraved Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Not all hand engravings will look the same and it all depends on the area our hand engraver is working with.  The ring below has a similar scroll design to the picture above but it looks totally different because of the area he is working with.

Hand Engraved Signet Rings

The hand engraving designs on the pictures of the rings below are one of my favorite designs.  The metal or ring reflects light back to the eye and it gives it a sparkle effect.  This really makes the piece pop.

Hand Engraving

Hand engravers are artists and we are lucky to have one of the most talented hand engravers in the industry.  To see a wide selection of hand engraved engagement rings that we have manufactured, please click here.

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