Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

Many customers want to know whether they want to add hand engraving to their diamond engagement rings. Today I am going to talk to you about hand engraving and the benefits of hand engraving. Hand engraving is a technique that makes any simple or ordinary engagement ring into a one of a kind masterpiece.

What is the process for creating hand engraved engagement rings?  A master hand engraver uses special tools to cut grooves into the flat surfaces of the piece of jewelry.  The final outcome becomes a beautiful masterpiece.  The engraver can make straight lines as well as curved lines.  Some of the curved lines can be designed in floral and or leaf pattern. These lines are etched very deep into the ring and are truly one of a kind.  Many people think they can hand engrave a piece but it is a true skill and a learned art.  Hand engraving can completely change the look of a simple or modern piece and transform it into a gorgeous one of a kind antique style or Edwardian style ring.

There is a technique where you can add engraving to a wax before it is cast and it will give the ring a hand-engraved sort of look.  The reason for this is that it saves money by not outsourcing the ring to a true hand engraver.  The difference between a piece that is hand engraved versus a piece that has engraving in the cast  is quality.  I always recommend hand engraved because it is a lot deeper and the engraved lines are what gives the sparkle on the metal.   The engraver has more control over the design and the quality of his or her work will really show.  With a piece that the engraving is done on the wax, the lines and detail will never be as deep or sharp.  Another issue is that once the ring is polished the cast engraving detail will be even less prominent.  Over time the ring with the engraving in the wax will fade away.  If you are looking for a ring with hand engraving make sure it’s a true hand engraving, which is what we offer at deBebians.

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