Halo Diamond Stud Earrings

Halo Studs with Diamonds

Diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular earring options women wear on a daily basis.  The most popular shape diamond stud earring is the round brilliant cut. One problem I see customers face when they are in the market for diamond stud earrings is the price. Because you are buying two larger diamonds, it can begin to get quite expensive. A solution for this is to add a halo diamond. Adding a halo can give you the visual size you are seeking without breaking the bank. In this blog I will be only talking about round diamond studs and halos.

Halo Diamond Stud Earrings

A halo around a diamond stud can give the illusion that the diamond is bigger and if the halo is designed properly, it can make a diamond stud look a lot nicer. My two favorite halo diamond stud earring options are a round halo and a cushion halo. The classic and more traditional halo diamond stud earring is a round halo. However, some customers love the sparkle and brilliance of a round brilliant cut diamond but, want a different shape halo. Well, I have a solution to that.  I can design a cushion halo diamond earring for a round brilliant cut diamond. That will give the sparkle of the round brilliant cut diamond, but with the shape of a cushion. I usually recommend a single halo for round diamonds 0.75ct each and up.

Double Halo Stud Earrings

 I always thought I would only appreciate a single halo diamond stud earring but I was wrong.  I now appreciate a double halo stud earring with smaller diamonds in the center.  The double halo diamond stud earrings look best for diamonds 0.74ct each and below.  Just like the single halo diamond studs, this can be designed with a round double halo or a cushion double halo. Also like I stated above, the execution is extremely important.

Halo Diamond Stud Earring Jackets

 For those customers who already have a pair of round brilliant cut diamond stud earrings this is another option. I can design an earring jacket where the jacket is basically a single halo of diamonds or a double halo of diamonds with no post. Your diamond stud would fit into the jacket. A small little hole is made on the back of the halo jacket so the post of your current diamond stud can fit into it. This is a good option because it allows you to wear the studs by themselves, or you can dress them up by adding the jackets.

add-a-diamond-halo These options will make any center stone appear larger without having to go to larger size diamond in the center. Above you will see an example of a diamond ring that has a halo and a ring that does not. Shown is the same diamond in both photos. The client added a halo to her diamond to make the center stone appear larger. The same idea goes for the halo diamond stud earrings.





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