Graduation Gifts for Him: Gold & Platinum Signet Rings

Our collection of men’s signet rings includes both 14 karat gold and platinum ring designs. These rings are among the most popular gift ideas for new high school or college graduates because of the timeless design and prestigious signification. Our refined collection contains an array of different shapes from which to choose. I am highlighting our three most popular ring shapes that will be personal and well-loved graduation gifts for a man of any age.

1. Family Signet Rings 14kt White Gold

White Gold Signet Ring

Style # SRRS605

This square signet ring may be engraved with one, two, or three initials. Our hand engraving is the most popular choice because it is of the highest quality and performed by an expert engraver. This ring is available in 14 karat white gold. It has a solid back, making this ring a higher quality piece, which will last a lifetime.

2. Shield Face Signet Ring

Yellow Gold Signet Ring

Style # SRRS482

This yellow gold signet ring has a face that is shaped like a shield. It has an open back, which makes the piece lighter and thus more affordable. One initial would be a bold embellishment on this ring, but two or three initials would also be a striking addition. Yellow gold is the most traditional precious metal choice for a signet ring.

3. Classic Signet Ring for Men

Platinum Signet Ring

Style # SRRS105

An oval signet ring is the most popular and widely recognized style of signet ring. This ring is shown in platinum, but it may also be purchased in 14 karat yellow gold. This solid back ring may be worn on any finger, with the pinky or ring finger being prominent choices.

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