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At we have a wide selection of GIA certified loose diamonds.  We have two options for our loose diamond search when searching for a white diamond.  One is called our “Loose Diamond Search” and the other is our “Personal Diamond Shopper”.

Loose Diamond Search

Our loose diamond search is a fantastic tool to choose the exact shape, color, clarity and most importantly the cut grade one is looking for.  Our diamond search has over 45,000 diamonds to choose from.  We have no secrets at  We are so confident our diamonds are priced so well that one can see the prices and the copy of the GIA certificate.  Buying a loose diamond is the most important part in the engagement ring process.    Because we don’t own all the diamonds on our loose diamond search, our staffed GIA graduate gemologists will always double check the loose diamond our customer purchases on their own.  If our graduate gemologist finds a better loose diamond option for you, we always recommend the diamond to our client.  Since we don’t have our own GIA certified loose diamond stock, we find the best diamond out in the market for whatever our client is seeking.  We don’t have stock diamonds and therefore don’t push our clients to buy the diamond we have on hand and our main goal is to really find you the best option.

Personal Diamond Shopper

Our personal diamond shopper is one of my favorite pages on our website.    In this section, all one would need to do is fill out our loose diamond form and leave the diamond searching to us.  The client has the option of choosing shape, color, clarity, cut and most importantly price or budget of the diamond.  I know it may sound a little crazy telling someone you don’t know how much you are comfortable paying for a stone but, this way one of our staffed GIA graduate gemologists will find the perfect diamond for you.  The graduate gemologist typically finds two to four diamond options to choose from and will email you prices, GIA grading reports and sometimes even real photos or videos of the diamonds.  Another reason this option is better than the loose diamond search is because we have a much larger loose diamond data base to search through versus the loose diamond search our clients can look through on our site.  At the end of the day our GIA staffed graduated gemologists are pickier than our clients and therefore will do a better job finding you the ideal diamond.

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