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Getting Creative with Custom Engagement Rings

One of the best things about our company is our ability to provide custom modifications to our jewelry to make the perfect ring for our clients.  Many shoppers go to a site thinking that they can only get a product exactly as it appears, but it isn’t so.  It can be really easy to make a custom engagement ring that won’t necessarily cost any more than the original piece especially if all you want is a different stone other than a diamond.  So let your imagination run wild, have fun, and go for that dream ring.

As a part of the web content department, I’m always looking at images for products that will go up on the site and making them web ready.  Sometimes I assist with creating mock ups of products we want to try to manufacture and because of that, I even dream a bit about some of the different combination possibilities.

Our readers might remember this image from the post about peridot jewelry for Leos, but it is a custom imagining using one of my favorite styles on the site.

We only sell this ring with a diamond, but we recently sold a custom piece that utilized a blue sapphire (see below for a snapshot from our Instagram), so I thought, “Why not a peridot?”

On that note, I also really like our rose gold and morganite rings, so why not that combination as well?  Here’s a little mock up with the rose gold version of that ring set with a beautiful pink morganite stone.

The sky is really the limit with what you can do.  If a design isn’t exactly the way you want it, we can work with you to make it perfect.  Just call or e-mail us for a consultation with our jewelry design specialist and we can go over the design of your dream jewelry and provide you with a quote on your custom engagement ring.

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