Getting a Ring Resized

A common concern among jewelry buyers and owners is getting a ring resized. I’ve noticed that some people assume any ring can be resized, but unfortunately that is not the case. Resizing typically involves cutting the ring and adding or removing metal. Some rings can be resized easily, while other rings cannot be resized. There are three main areas to consider when determining if a ring can be resized or not.

Halo ring with plain band


A plain band like this can be resized easily.

Eternity engagement ring


This eternity style band cannot be resized.

1. Ring design
The ring’s design is a key factor. Rings with designs that go all the way around the ring typically are not able to be resized. Examples of this are eternity rings or braided rings. A ring that has no design or gemstones on the back is an indicator that it could potentially be resized, contingent on other factors I’ll discuss below. An example of a ring that can be easily sized is a gold signet ring.

2. Metal type
The metal used in the makeup of the ring is another key factor. Titanium, for example, generally cannot be resized. (It could possibly be stretched up a half size or so.) Brittle materials like tungsten or ceramic also cannot be resized. The majority of jewelers out there can work with gold easily, so being able to find a jeweler who can resize a gold ring should be simple. Some metals require specialization, such as platinum. If you have a platinum ring, you will need to find a jeweler who is able to work with platinum  to resize it.

3. How much you want to resize it
Most people only get their rings resized anywhere from a quarter size to one or two sizes up or down. If you’re sizing the ring up, you can expect to pay for the extra metal used. If you want to size the ring up or down significantly (like from a size 8 to a size 4 or vice versa), this could potentially be problematic. You’ll need to consult with a reputable jeweler to determine if it’s possible and if doing so will affect the integrity of the ring. Likewise, if you only want to adjust the size very slightly, like sizing up a quarter of a size, this may be possible with rings that would otherwise would be considered unsizable. If this is the case, check with a reputable jeweler.

If you plan on buying a ring that you may want to resize in the future, be sure to ask if it’s able to be resized. Here at deBebians we offer ring resizing services to clients who purchased the ring from us as well as the general public in downtown Los Angeles.

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