Gemstone Education: What is a Ruby?

Ruby is the name given to gem quality corundum and is typically any shade of red.  This can include pinkish red to purplish red to even brownish red.  The actual level of chromium and/or iron will determine the actual color of the gemstone.  It’s interesting to note that any corundum that is not red in color, is referred to as sapphire.  This is a tidbit that I don’t think most customers know!  Rubies are found all over the world but the finest quality come from Myanmar.  Rubies can also be found in Thailand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Russia and even in the United States in North Carolina.

Ruby is a gorgeous gemstone that is very popular in jewelry.  Ruby is the birthstone of July and is quite commonly used in engagement rings, eternity rings and other diamond jewelry.  Ruby has a hardness of 9 on Mohs scale of hardness which makes it a great gemstone to be used in jewelry as it has a higher resistance to scratching.

Here are my top two favorite ruby pieces of jewelry from

#2.  Round Ruby Halo Engagement Ring

ruby engagement rings

This simple and elegant ruby and diamond halo engagement ring features a round brilliant cut ruby center surrounded by white diamonds.  Choose from a 1.00ct, 2.00ct and even 3.00ct center ruby.  If you are getting engaged in July or perhaps her birthday is in July, this is a perfect engagement ring!

#2.  2.00 cttw 14kt Gold Ruby and SI Diamond 5 Stone Ring

2.00 cttw 14kt Gold Ruby and SI Diamond 5 Stone Ring

A five stone ruby ring with diamonds is a great as a wedding band, anniversary gift or perhaps for even the birth of a child.  It’s even more special if the birth of the child occurred in July!  I love the contrast between the rich red color of the rubies with the sharp sparkle of brilliant diamonds.

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