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Floating Diamond Eternity Rings

Single Prong Diamond Eternity Band 4

A floating diamond eternity ring is a very popular design.  In my professional opinion, the reason why so many people purchase this particular design is because of the scalloped look.  The diamonds almost look like they are floating, hence how it got its name, floating diamond eternity ring.  The fact that one prong is holding the stone in place really shows off the round shape of the diamond.  Traditional eternity ring have more metal, which takes up a lot more of the diamond and it reduces the floating design or scalloped effect because of the additional prongs hold it in place.

 Diamond Quality

At, we offer the floating eternity ring with diamonds in three different qualities.  The first quality we offer is our “Good” quality, which is G-H color and I1 clarity.  Our middle quality is called “Better,” which is G-H color and SI clarity and highest quality is called the “Best,”  which is F-G color and VS clarity.

Carat Total Weight

We offer our floating eternity rings in many different carat weights.  It all depends on how you are planning on wearing the ring.   If you are planning on wearing it next to your engagement ring, we typically recommend the 1.00 carat total weight or the 2.50 carat total weight eternity ring.  For those who are looking for a larger floating diamond eternity ring, I would recommend the 4.00 carat total weight eternity ring.  This ring is recommended for the right hand to be worn by itself, not necessarily next to an engagement ring.  The diamonds in the 4.00 carat total weight eternity ring are approximately 0.30 carat each.  Usually a 0.30 carat diamond takes away from an engagement ring and that is why I recommend this eternity ring on the right hand.  If you have a three carat center stone or above then this can be worn next to your engagement ring.

The floating diamond eternity ring design has been around for many years and our clients love the look!  If you need assistance with your purchase or have questions, please do not hesitate to call on us.







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