Five Unusual Celebrity Engagement Rings

Most engagement rings fit into a certain mold and are common throughout the jewelry industry. Just think of the classic solitaire, a three stone ring, or a halo diamond ring. While those are all pretty, some couples prefer to create something entirely new and unique to them. The same holds true for celebrities. Most celebrities have traditional-looking engagement rings (with a bigger price tag) but there are some that break the mold and do their own thing. Here are five of those memorable and unusual celebrity engagement rings.

1. Holly Madison’s engagement ring was designed by fiance Pasquale Rotella with help from jeweler Alan Friedman. The 18-carat cushion cut yellow diamond is surrounded by pink and yellow diamond flowers. “Because we love owls, there is a hidden owl engraved on the rose gold in between two of the flowers,” Madison explains. “The band is art nouveau-inspired, to go with the flowers.”

2. Kat Von D’s engagement ring comes from The Great Frog London, and according to them, it incorporates “delicate skulls and black and white diamonds set in platinum, with motifs personal to Ms Von D subtly engraved in the band, fiance Joel Zimmerman (a.k.a deadmau5) informed us she was ‘beside herself’ when presented with the ring (which was hand-delivered from London to Los Angeles to make it in time for Christmas).”

3. Fergie’s engagement ring, pictured with her and husband Josh Duhamel’s wedding bands, features a 4 ct. round brilliant diamond set on a wide band with a star burst design incorporating cognac diamonds, from H. Stern.

4. Sandra Bullock’s engagement ring from Jesse James is a vintage 1910 Tiffany and Co. setting from Neil Lane. The two main diamonds seemingly intertwined represent two people in union. Lane also made Bullock’s wedding band.

5. Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring was purchased in 1953 from Van Cleef & Arpels. Originally, it consisted of one 2.88 ct. diamond and one 2.84 ct. emerald with tapered baguettes. The ring was later reset to include also round (0.66 cttw.) and marquise diamonds (1.46 cttw.), as pictured.

If you’re looking for your own one-of-a-kind engagement ring, our team of designers is ready to help you make your dream become a reality. As you can see, the possibilities really are endless….. 🙂

Which ring is your favorite? Did I miss a ring you thought was worth mentioning? Please share with us in the comments section.

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