Five Stone Engagement Rings

­­One of my absolute favorite styles for an engagement ring is the five stone diamond engagement ring.  A five stone engagement ring is where you have one main center diamond that has two diamonds on each side, therefore making up five stones in total.  To me, three stone engagement rings are very classic, but the five stone style adds a little more sparkle with an updated look.  The three stone engagement ring represents your past, present and future.  I feel that the five stone engagement ring represents the same, but with some added bling!

Here is a list of my top two favorite five stone engagement rings from

#2.  Five Diamond Engagement Ring

5 stone engagement rings

This five stone round diamond engagement ring features a round center diamond of your choice with four round diamonds weighing 0.60cttw.  The four round diamonds are the same carat weight (0.15ct each) which are a perfect size to accent a center round diamond.

#1.  Round Five Diamond Engagement Ring with Trellis Setting

5 stone engagement ring settings

Personally, I love round diamonds and I love the trellis setting.  The center round diamond features four accent round diamonds that taper in size.  The reason this is my number one choice is the openness of the setting.  When you look at the ring from the side profile, the ring just has a gorgeous flow to the setting.

When shopping for an engagement ring, be sure to check out our five stone engagement rings!  You will fall in love with our settings and be sure to find a setting that will be timeless and last a lifetime.


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