Finding the Right Bel Dia Setting for You

Our Bel Dia collection is continuously expanding with new and improved designs that I feel many of our customers sometimes overlook because we have so many options. We have a halo section, double halo section, diamond accented section, and a fancy yellow diamond section.  All of these collections are constantly updating with new designs. I often find that customers get overwhelmed looking through all our settings and find themselves asking our staff gemologists to direct classic and or popular styles. We love when customers ask us for help because we are the ones that manufacture these pieces and know how they look and feel, after all. Below are a few of our Bel Dia settings that I believe get overlooked by customers but deserve to be in the spotlight.

Cushion Halo Engagement Ring for Round Diamond

Style # HE223

Style # HE223 features a micro pave cushion shape halo for a center round brilliant diamond. Many of our customers receive heirloom diamonds (typically round) and feel limited in their options for resetting the stone. Our designers, with the aid of CAD (computer aided design), can flawlessly make a cushion shape halo for a round stone with no gaps. This setting is designed specifically for that purpose, although any of our halo settings can be modified for a round diamond. What I also like about this setting is the split shank. Many customers are looking for a soft split shank mounting. This ring is designed with that in mind while still maintaining a flush set design for a matching eternity ring.

Emerald Halo Engagement Ring with Baguette and Round Diamond Accents

Style # HE227

Style # HE227 is another new design that I think is overlooked by customers. This setting features a bezel set emerald cut diamond, which is accented by a baguette and round diamond halo. This setting, since it is in our halo section which is predominantly pave set, might be confusing to someone who is looking for a more traditional Art Deco design. Although this setting is in the halo section, the baguettes give a very old world Art Deco feel, different from micro pave. This setting can be modified for other center stone cuts because baguettes can be either brilliant cut or step cut, depending on their faceting. HE227 can therefore be modified for a center radiant diamond or princess cut diamond by using brilliant cut baguettes.

Cushion Double Halo Engagement Ring

Style # HE158

The last design that I think is gorgeous, but is sometimes unnoticed is our style # HE158. This design features a double halo for a cushion diamond in a single U pave style shank. Typically, clients who request a cushion double halo select a version that has a baby split shank, such as Style # HE140. Style # HE158 is different because it features a single shank that I think many people would like but may not realize is available in the Bel Dia collection. My favorite part of this setting is the basket design underneath the halo, which gives a lower set antique feel.

If you do not see the design you are looking for it does not mean we don’t have it. deBebians is constantly working on new designs and custom orders that might be exactly what you are looking for. I encourage you to submit custom design requests through our website and or call and ask to speak to one of our staff members.

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