Finding the Best Certified Loose Diamond

Certified loose diamonds

Recently, I was helping a client select her center diamond. She had it set in her mind, that she really wanted a cushion cut diamond that was at least 2.50ct. Believe me, I can completely understand! She educated herself on what to look for when searching for a certified loose diamond and eventually found a diamond on our site. I love when customers really take the time to educate themselves with what to look for in a diamond.

Upon receiving the link to the diamond, I saw it was a 2.50ct GIA certified cushion cut diamond that measures 7.48 x 7.35mm. The diamond has a depth percentage of 70.9% and a slightly thick to thick girdle. I always look at all the factors in a diamond as well as run a search to see what else is possibly available. Oh, and the price of this diamond was $10,737.

Hoping my customer wouldn’t mind, I decided to run a loose diamond search on my own. I found a few diamonds that even though they weighed less, had similar measurements.  One example I found was a 2.03ct cushion diamond that measures 7.65 x 7.29mm. This cushion cut diamond had a depth percentage of 63.8% and a medium to thick girdle. Also, the price was about 10% less. One thing I didn’t mention too is that the clarity on this 2.03ct diamond is a few grades higher as well.

When my customer and I chatted, she was wondering (as I’m sure you are, too) how this can be? How can two diamonds that weigh quite differently measure similarly? This is what I told her, ‘like how two people can weigh the same, but look different’… if that makes sense. I told her that there are a lot of factors to look at and in this case, the girdle can also make a difference. Having a thicker girdle can ‘hide’ carat weight. Imagine squeezing something from top to bottom (for example the girdle). Thinning out the girdle can make the overall size (mm) increase. If you think about it, it really does make sense.

If you need assistance with a certified loose diamond search, please do not hesitate to call on us. You can also fill out our Personalized Diamond Shopper form. This is a FREE service and we have access to even more diamonds than you see on our site. This is what we do and would love to help you out. Happy shopping!


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