Favorite Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your wedding anniversary is an important part of the year that each couple should celebrate together.  How do you plan on celebrating? What are your favorite wedding anniversary gifts that you have ever received?

A couple becomes stronger each year that they spend together.  It is important to celebrate this bond each year on your wedding anniversary.  There are many different ways to celebrate this wonderful yearly event.  Reliving your first date is or spending time together doing an activity that you both enjoy are wonderful options.  However, there are countless ways to celebrate in a unique way.

If you are celebrating your fifth year of marriage, for example, you may wish to celebrate with a 5 year wedding anniversary gift.  Wood is the traditional gift for a 5 year wedding anniversary, but it would be more meaningful to put a modern twist on this idea.  Many couples are choosing to plant a tree so that they can watch it grow tall and strong as they continue to grow as a couple.

A five stone diamond band is a particularly meaningful 5 year wedding anniversary gift.

Another wonderful gift idea is to give your beloved a five stone diamond band.  A five stone diamond band can be customized with different diamond cuts, such as princess cut diamonds, as well as with different carat weights.

What is your favorite way to celebrate your wedding anniversary?  How many years are you celebrating this year?

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