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Vintage Filigree Engagement Ring 18kt Gold 0.50ct Old Miner Cut

Growing up in a house that looked like a museum wasn’t too easy on me and my brother or my parents for that matter.  A few things may have broken along the way, sorry Mom and Dad! 🙂 My father was an antique dealer so from an early age, I developed a love and understanding of antiques.  This is why I am so passionate about estate jewelry.  I love appraising and repairing estate jewelry and most of all, I love the stories behind estate jewelry.  I specialize in estate jewelry for 1880 all the way to the present.  My favorite era of jewelry is from the Art Nouveau era.  However, I also appreciate the Edwardian era and even the Art Deco era jewelry.  All estate jewelry in my opinion is special.  Even a piece manufactured 10 years ago can have a history and a story and this is why I appreciate estate jewelry.

Fast forward from when I was a little boy and here I am today. Not only am I the co-owner of, but also the head jewelry designer.  One of my specialties is incorporating different design aspects and making a one of a kind piece.  With my love of estate jewelry, I often times find myself trying to incorporate these details into my designs.  Some examples would be adding hand engraving, milgraining or filigree into my designs.  If you are like me and love estate jewelry or the want to incorporate some of these design features into your engagement ring, we can absolutely do that for you!  You can fill out our free custom quote request form and we’ll get the process started.


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