Engagement Rings for 2015

The holiday season is always a significant time for engagements as many people decide to pop the question around Christmas or New Year’s since it’s a time for gathering, being close to loved ones, and making choices for how you imagine the upcoming year to go.

With that, I’d like to take this moment to go over some engagement ring trends that have been popular through 2015.

1) Unique Shapes

2015 Popular Shapes

A notable trend that’s been happening in 2015 have been regarding the shapes of center stones. In the past, we’ve had a lot of customers order classic round diamonds or cushion cut diamonds, but recently we’ve had a noticeable uptick in pear, emerald, oval shaped center stone sales. We’ve also been selling more heart shaped stones as well especially heart shaped morganites.

2) Three Stone Rings Have Been More Common

Asscher Three Stone Engagement Ring

Diamond accented rings in general have been a thing we’ve seen more of this year whether it’s a pave band or a unique twisted or art deco design, but we’ve definitely seen more three stone rings this year as well. The above ring with tapered baguette side diamonds is a prime example of a three stone ring style that we’ve seen, but there have been three stone rings of all kinds leaving our facility with pear side diamonds, trapezoids diamonds, trillions, emerald side stones, etc.

3) Morganite Rings Are Still Popular

This is a trend that is still going strong, which is wonderful because morganite is a great, sweet stone and a charming alternative to a center diamond.

That said though, it is still really surprising (in a good way) how much people seem to love our morganites. Of course they sell all the time, but they’re pretty popular on our social platforms and Youtube account as well, which the chart below from our analytics page illustrates.

Top 10 Youtube Videos

8/10 of the videos on this list are morganite rings which tells us that people also just love to watch their endearing beauty as much as they like to purchase them (stats come from just this last month for ease of making this post, but the stats overall aren’t much different from this).

4) Moissanite Center Stones Are In

Forever Family Moissanite

Moissanite rings are a new addition to the engagement rings on our site, but they’ve really become an immediate hit. Forever Brilliant is available on most of our rings with a simple selection from the drop down, but they don’t come in asscher cut and Forever One is available in some, but not all shapes. If there is a size or shape that you’re looking for that isn’t in the drop down, you can feel free to call in to see if we can acquire it as we paired up the setting with the stone size and shape that can easily be dropped in.  You can also call us if you want a ring that is made entirely with moissanite.  The popularity of moissanite provides consumers the beauty of a diamond or white gemstone, but with the peace of mind knowing that your jewelry has been ethically sourced so it’s no surprised that they’ve been a big hit for 2015. Shop moissanite engagement rings to see what deBebians has to offer.

We hope you enjoyed this look at what’s been popular this past year and it helps to inspire you in your gift giving decisions. Feel free to look around our site for whatever may peak your interests.


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