Engagement Ring Spotlight: Three Stone Rings

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”, is something that I have always identified with. As an online jewelry company, pictures are everything to our customers. Sometimes pictures are better than a live gemologist. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked to send a picture of the diamond before even looking at the certificate. Pictures sell our ideas and ultimately sell beautiful diamonds. This week we updated the photography of many of our 3 stone engagement rings and I think it says a lot about bridal jewelry.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

3 stone engagement rings with accenting tapered baguettes is a classic design that will always be popular. This design is something that you see all of the time, but may or may not fully know what it is called. A tapered baguette accenting engagement ring is sometimes mistakenly called a “solitaire”, but it is not. What I love most about this mounting is that it complements any shape center diamond. A design that can feature any diamond cut will always lend itself to be a classic, long-lasting ring design. I always recommend this style as an alternative to a solitaire engagement ring for anyone who wants to get more finger coverage out of their ring.

Engagement Rings Three Stone

Popular fancy shape side stones include trapezoids, half-moons, trillions, and pear shapes, but there are also bullet, kite shape, and caddie shaped diamonds (contact us for information on these cuts). All of these fancy shapes can be fabulous accenting diamonds for just about any shape center diamond. Trillions have become increasingly popular as they lend themselves to having great size with minimal carat weight, but there are benefits to all of these cuts. Above are some fabulous 3 stone engagement rings as well as a five stone ring that each features unique fancy shape side stones.

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