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Do Wedding Rings Have to Match?

While working at a fine jewelry retailer, I have heard this question many times. Though some couples do find it important that their wedding bands match, I would say that on a whole most couples purchase wedding bands that do not match. Therefore, my overall conclusion is no, wedding bands do not have to match unless you want them to.

Many couples may not have perfectly matching wedding bands, but typically they are complementary. They may choose the same metal type, but even that may not always be the case. I recommend browsing together to get an idea of what both of you like the best. When it comes to selecting a wedding band, the wearer should be comfortable with the style that they are choosing because they will be wearing this piece of jewelry every day.

As someone who very recently became engaged (it’s still weird to say that!), my fiancé and I have decided to wear wedding bands that do not match. For me, I want to have a u pave eternity ring as well as a plain 2mm ring. This way I can mix and match all three rings in many different combinations or simply wear one. Since my engagement ring is 18 karat rose gold, my wedding bands will also be 18 karat rose gold. My fiancé also wants a rose gold band, but he has yet to choose a style. He will most likely choose a ring that features a width of 4mm or 5mm. However, that is entirely up to him and whatever style he chooses I will be happy. He could even select white gold or platinum and I would not mind.

In my opinion, it is important to choose a ring that fits into your personality and your lifestyle. If you would like assistance in choosing the perfect wedding band for you or someone that you love, please give us a call at your convenience. We would love to assist you!


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