Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

At deBebians.com we carry a wide selection of diamond tennis bracelets.  The beauty of a diamond tennis bracelet is it can be worn all the time.  It doesn’t matter if you are going to play tennis or go to a formal event, a diamond tennis bracelet is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I personally think every women should have.   I always say simple is more elegant and I really feel this way about diamond tennis bracelets.

The lowest carat total weight we carry is a 2.00 carat total weight and the largest we have on the site is 9.00 carat total weight.   We have even manufactured custom diamond tennis bracelets as large as 20 carats, though.  Don’t be fooled by the carat total weight when it comes to a tennis bracelet.  For example, our 2 carat diamond bracelet has approximately 66 diamonds based on a 7” length.  That means each diamond is only .03 carat or 2.0mm each.

5 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Our 5 carat diamond tennis bracelet consists of approximately 53 round brilliant cut diamonds.  Each diamond in this bracelet is approximately 0.09 carats and approximately 2.8mm.  In my professional opinion, I wouldn’t get a diamond tennis bracelet smaller than five carats.

7 Carat Tennis Bracelet

Our 7 carat diamond tennis bracelet consists of approximately 49 round diamonds.  The diamonds in this bracelet are approximately 0.14ct and measure approximately 3.3mm.  Now this is a bracelet I would love my wife wearing on a daily basis.

9 Carat Round Tennis Bracelet

This is our largest round diamond tennis bracelet on our website.  This bracelet consists of approximately 43 round brilliant cut diamonds.  The diamonds in this piece are approximately 0.20 carat and they measure approximately 3.8mm.  I would personally compromise quality to get this tennis bracelet if the SI or VS quality is out of budget.

We manufacture these pieces in 14kt, 18kt and platinum.  The diamond qualities you can purchase these bracelets in are GH/I1, GH/SI and FG/ VS.  If you are looking for a bracelet with all sapphires or even ruby and diamonds we can manufacture it for you.  We do lots of custom jewelry so don’t hesitate to call or contact us.

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