Diamond Studs: Jewelry for Every Woman

Diamond Studs

Round diamond studs in a three-prong setting.

Diamond studs are something every woman needs. Okay, well maybe not NEEDS, but she will certainly love and appreciate them. They are a fabulous staple and can be worn day or night or 24/7. Although, there are times that I would recommend not wearing them, such as in the pool, in the shower, in the ocean etc. Here at deBebians, we offer lots of options for diamond studs. You can choose from round or princess cut, certified or non-certified, and from a variety of carat weights and settings. View our collection of diamond studs to see our entire selection. Personally, I love round brilliant cut diamond studs in a three prong martini setting. So classic and timeless, you will love these forever!

When you are shopping for diamond studs, it is important to purchase a perfect match. You need to look at color, clarity, carat weight and maybe even more importantly than carat weight, mm measurements. It is also very important to match sparkle and brilliance, too. When I am running a search for a pair of diamonds to be used in studs, I consider all of these factors. Sometimes, you’ll hear people say that it doesn’t really matter if you get a perfect match because they are separated by your head. Well, what if you decide to upgrade later and you want to use these in a ring or another piece of jewelry? It is important to make sure that they match! With certified diamond studs, it’s easy to compare grading reports to get a perfect match. However, if you are buying non-certified diamond studs, it’s extremely important to have a gemologist examine the diamonds to make sure they are a perfect match.

If you need assistance with a diamond studs purchase, please do not hesitate to call on us. With three GIA gemologists on staff, we can search through matched pairs, email you specs and perhaps even email pictures of the loose diamonds that we are considering. Happy shopping!

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