Diamond Carat Weight Versus Diamond Size

Diamond Carat Weight and Size A gemologist is trained to evaluate diamonds in the market. What I love about being a gemologist is shopping the marketplace for my customers and selecting the most competitive diamonds. I am particular about choosing diamonds that show appropriate size for their weight because in doing this, it is a representation of how well you bought. No one wants to feel like they made a mistake or bought poorly, which is why it is so essential to purchase from an experienced gemologist. Buying a diamond well can make or break how impressive your ring will appear to yourself and others.

About three weeks ago, a friend contacted me after looking at a diamond with a local jeweler. He told me that the diamond was not an excellent cut grade, but that it was 3.00cts, which he found impressive. As a gemologist, I figured the diamond might be cut deep and so I suggested that I run a search and see if I could find something that had the same size, but guaranteed a better quality of cut. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the only diamond cut that receives a cut grade from the GIA (Gemological institute of America) so it is beneficial to select an excellent cut grade diamond when considering rounds. I ultimately recommended a 2.73ct excellent cut grade GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond. This diamond, although it has less weight than the stone he saw locally, measured equivalent to the 3.00ct stone without compromising cut.

Having a diamond that measures large for its size means that you bought a well cut stone. Buying a well cut diamond impresses your partner and your peers as well as gives personal satisfaction. If you want to be blown away by your purchase, please contact one of our staff gemologists and ask them for some assistance. I guarantee your diamond will be more beautiful than you ever imagined!

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