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deBebians Offers Countless Ways to Customize Your Engagement Ring

The majority of customers who come to deBebians contact us because they fall in love with one of our Bel Dia engagement rings. This is because each design is original to deBebians and/or features classic designs at a price that beats your local brick and mortar jewelry store. The biggest advantage of purchasing a deBebians engagement ring is that every design has the capability of being customized. Since every ring is manufactured from scratch, we encourage our customers to use the designs provided to inspire you to create a new ring that is truly your own. Below are a few examples from our Bel Dia collection that were customized and became new additions to our collection.

Style # HG5932 (shown on the left) was customized with graduated side stones and extra hand-engraving (shown on the right).

HG5932 is one of our most popular engagement ring designs. It can be modified for any cut of diamond, however, the most common version features a cushion cut diamond. Most recently, I had a client that found himself with a little extra money after I helped him to select a diamond that met all his criteria and came in under his budget. After a brief conversation, we decided to customize this ring to have tapered diamonds (instead of uniform sized diamonds) on the shank. The Tapering of diamonds gives a more curvy nature to the ring as well as increasing the diamond weight to be over 1.00cttw. We also decided to hand engrave the sides so that no surface on this ring was left untouched. Adding more diamond weight and hand engraving turned our HG5932 into a new ring design that is truly unique.

Style # HT5011 (shown on the left) was the original inspiration for Style # HE190 (shown on the right).

Another deBebians original design that inspired one of our customers to make her own custom version was HT5011. This setting features a triple shank and double halo design for a rectangular or square shaped center stone. A customer of ours saw this ring but wanted to modify it for her center round brilliant diamond. Further customizations such as altering the design of the head piece so that the ring would sit flush with an eternity band allowed for a new design to be created. HE190 was manufactured to featuring white, rose and yellow gold, paving the way for more deBebians settings to be manufactured using more than one metal.

Many customers do not think about making alterations to their ring because they are already sold on the design at hand. Making a ring custom can be as simple as selecting a new hand engraving pattern to a ring that already has a stock engraving design. We can customize a ring so that is has your initials underneath a halo or add more diamond weight. We encourage you to ask our staff gemologists if they have any suggestions to make your ring extra special! Our jewelry design experts are here to help you customize your engagement ring as easily as possible. To get started, request a quote for a custom engagement ring.

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