deBebians Engagement Rings with Unique Designs

To me, what makes an engagement ring unique is the fine details and work that go into the actual ring concept and design.  Look around and I’m sure you will notice some beautiful engagement rings that are pretty, but quite common and this is totally okay!  However, you may notice some engagement rings that stand out more than others due to their unique and thoughtful design(s).

Here at deBebians, we pride ourselves on having gorgeous, one-of-a-kind designs that will stand out among other engagement ring styles.  Maybe it’s a thin row of pave diamonds set around the basket of the center stone.  Maybe it’s a small peekaboo diamond set underneath the center diamond where even though it doesn’t jump right out at you, it’s a subtle addition that really takes the ring design to another level.  Perhaps it’s our one-of-a-kind hand engraving done to some of our rings that take a ring back in time.  Or maybe it’s a message inside the ring that only you know is there.  Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered when it comes to making that unique engagement ring you have always been dreaming about.

Here are a few engagement rings from deBebians that feature a unique, added design…

  1. Oval Pave Engagement Ring
    Hidden Diamond Engagement Rings

    Style # HE281

    What I love about this ring is that from the top, it looks like a simple U pave diamond accented solitaire style engagement ring.  However, when you look at the ring from the side, you’ll notice a beautiful row of pave diamonds hand set around the basket of the center diamond.  This is one of those details that doesn’t jump right out at you, but upon further inspection, takes this ring to another level.  This ring is by far one of our BEST sellers and I can totally see why!  Such a gorgeous and well thought out design.

  2. Halo Pave Engagement Ring Square Setting
    Peekaboo Diamond Engagement Ring

    Style # HG5932

    When you look at HG5932, you see a beautiful pave halo diamond engagement ring. Gorgeous, right?  Well when you look at the ring from the side, you will notice a peek a boo bezel set round brilliant cut diamond on either side of the ring.  Again, this is something that you don’t perhaps notice right away but is an added touch which makes the ring design even more unique.

  3. 5 Row High Domed Micro Pave Diamond Eternity Band
    Unique Eternity Ring

    Style # 5DMP-02V

    I love, love, love this ring and the special words inside that only you know are there. As a wedding band or anniversary ring, what words could mean more than ‘faith’, ‘love’, and ‘hope’.  This special added touch makes this ring even more unique.  I have seen rings before with engravings inside, but I have rarely seen a ring with such special words cast into the actual ring design.  Pretty unique for sure!

If you need assistance with an engagement ring design and you are wondering how to make the ring unique and your own, do not hesitate to call on us!  Our staff of jewelry designers and/or graduate gemologists would love to assist you every step of the way.  Happy shopping!

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