deBebians Engagement Ring Spotlight: Solitaire Engagement Rings

solitaire ring

Solitaire engagement rings have been and always will be the most popular engagement rings.

Today, there are more types of engagement ring settings available than ever before.  However, there is one style of engagement ring that has stood the test of time and is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment–the solitaire ring.  Why has this style of engagement ring endured and continued to grow in popularity?  What makes solitaire engagement rings universally accepted and renowned?

The solitaire ring features a single diamond.  This single diamond is the utmost symbol of love and commitment, which is why these rings have not only endured the years as the most sought after engagement ring, but also grown in popularity.  The ring can feature various types of mounts for the diamonds, such as prong settings or a bezel setting.  The singular diamond is the star of the show.  This has been the world’s favorite engagement ring since its creation.  A solitaire ring can feature any diamond cut that her heart desires, with round brilliant and princess cut diamonds being the most common.  The cushion cut and asscher cut diamonds have become modern choices, as well.

When choosing the best ring for the woman that you love, listen to her and try to pick something that reflects her sense of style as well as her lifestyle.  However, one cannot go wrong when choosing a solitaire ring because their beauty and elegance is undeniable.

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