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Custom Signet Rings

A custom signet ring is a piece of jewelry you will own for years. Whether you design it for yourself or it’s a gift you give yourself, the piece will tell a story… your story! One of the things I love most about jewelry is the story behind the piece. One of my favorite pieces I still own today is a small yellow gold ring with two amethyst gems given to me by my father when I turned 13. The ring probably cost $200 and he bought it from a local department store, but to me I love it as much as I love my most expensive pieces of jewelry. To me it doesn’t always have to be an expensive item that means the most to you. To me it’s about what the piece represents and the feeling in your heart!

With this same thought in mind, a custom signet ring can be created by a loved one to produce the same feelings and emotions. It can serve as a reminder of where you came from or who gave you the ring as a gift. Recently we manufactured a gorgeous 18kt yellow gold signet ring that our client is going to wear as his wedding band. He and his fiancé came to our office and we discussed creating a signet ring that would incorporate a butterfly. To them this is a special symbol and we were excited to help bring this butterfly signet ring to life! After a few CAD revisions, casting, polishing and finishing we ended up with a gorgeous final custom signet ring!

My hope is our clients will remember coming together to create this ring for the rest of their lives. My hope is that every time they gaze at his butterfly signet ring, they will remember the meaning a symbolism behind this special piece!  

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