Custom Signet Rings

In my professional opinion, custom signet rings are the easiest rings to manufacture for us at The reason why I say this is because we manufacture custom engagement rings that have over 300 diamonds in the ring. Therefore, manufacturing and designing a custom signet ring is much easier.  All we would need from the client is their vision and what they would like to appear on the signet ring. Our designers are great at understanding our clients and making a dream custom signet ring come to life.

Below you will see a beautiful custom designed signet ring with hand engraving on the shank (the part of the ring that goes around your finger) with interlocking monogram hand engraving on the face. We are very lucky to have one of the best hand engravers in the industry and therefore we make one-of-a-kind signet rings.

monogram signet ring

Below you will find a CAD (Computer Aided Design) rendering of a signet ring I recently designed for my client. I was thinking how I could make a ring and incorporate a diamond or colored stone and give the two initials a 3D effect. I decided to make this ring using a cushion shape signet ring. Even though I was designing the piece from scratch, I knew I could make it in any shape.   My feeling with this particular design and the initials to be used were that a cushion shape would look the nicest. Here is the 3D CAD of this particular custom signet ring.

custom signet rings

I also designed another custom signet ring using our CAD program. This particular piece was designed with a round face. I designed this ring with the initials in a 3D effect but, I put the three letters in an overlapping interlocking design. Here is this CAD for you to see.

custom signet ring

With our highly skilled designers we can design and manufacture any custom signet ring your heart desires. Please contact us for a quote or any information regarding your next signet ring.

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