Claw Prong Engagement Rings

What is a claw prong?  A claw prong is a prong that holds the center stone in securely in an engagement ring that goes to a point. A lot of our clients are asking for claw prongs for their center stones. It really is a beautiful way to set a center stone. If it is done properly, it will give a very beautiful touch to your engagement ring.

Round Halo Engagement Ring with Pave Accents

  • Can claw prongs be done to any shape center stone? If the ring is designed properly and the stone setter is a master stone setter it can be done with any shape diamond.
  • Do you recommend claw prongs on every shape diamond? No, I do not recommend it on diamonds that have a point. For example: princess, pear ( on the tip), heart (on the tip) and marquise cuts.
  • What are the risks involved in a claw prong for Princess, Pear, Heart and Marquise? The point of the diamond can break in the setting process.
  • If a ring is not pictured with claw prongs can it be done? Yes, we can change the prongs to a claw prong.  Just let us know!

Contact one of our custom jewelry designers to ensure your engagement ring has claw prongs or to inquire about the process of setting a center diamond.


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