Channel Your Inner Sophistication with a 1920’s Themed Wedding

One of the popular wedding themes that is sweeping the country is the 1920’s Themed wedding.  The Roaring Twenties were a time of over-indulgence, jazz, and fun.  The fashion styles of this decade were flirty, elegant, yet exciting.

Many women love the antique and vintage-look of these weddings.  The wedding gown, wedding decorations, and even your dream halo setting engagement ring can look like they are part of this era.  A halo setting can be modified virtually any which way, so that you achieve the look that you desire.  This theme will also translate beautifully into your wedding album, whether your photos are color or black and white.

Wedding planning can seem tedious, but you can make the process much more enjoyable if you think about what you truly want from your special day.  Your wedding guests will love that you transported them back in time to when things were lavish and thrilling.

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