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Celebrate September with Sapphires

Those with September birthdays are some of the luckiest when it comes to jewelry. The sapphire is one of the most sought after stones and it comes in virtually every color of the rainbow allowing it to be an extremely adaptive stone that can match any fashion style.

Blue Sapphire U-Prong

Blue Sapphire U-Prong Five Stone Band

Blue sapphire is of course the most classic and the U-prong setting in the five stone band featured above is a truly great way to show them off with more visibility on all sides of the stone.

Pink Sapphire Landmark

Yellow gold pairs well with the brilliant pink sapphire.

If the traditional blue isn’t your style, those who want to flaunt a more fun and playful side can spring for a piece in pink sapphire to change things up a bit and have a bit more personality.  These lovely stones are also considered an alternate birthstone choice for October and are a popular gift idea among our clients to represent the fight for a cure for breast cancer.

Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Channel Set Eternity

Yellow sapphires paired with diamonds in a channel setting.

Or if you’re looking for something more bright and perky, you can always go with yellow sapphire.  The yellow sapphire is sunny and can take on the part of a personal ray of sunshine.  It is definitely a great and luminous alternative to the typical cool of a cornflower blue sapphire, and can be used as a high end alternative to November’s Citrine or Yellow Topaz.

If none of the default colors we have available on the site are to your liking, you can also always ask for a specific sapphire color and we’ll find it for you.  We recently made a purple sapphire engagement ring for one of our clients.

Also, although traditionally the birthstone for July, the ruby is in fact made of the same mineral as the sapphire, corundum.  So “red” colored sapphires are rubies and perhaps if the scintillating hues of a scarlet stone are much more your style, give some consideration to getting a jewelry design piece with ruby.

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Ring

A diamond and ruby eternity band from deBebians features only natural diamonds and rubies.

With so many choices in vibrant colors, those with September birthdays must be like kids in a candy store.  Regardless of color though, this incredible stone is an eloquently expressive stone that represents friendship, sincerity, and loyalty.  You won’t go wrong with any rendition of the stone and your sapphire loving friend will be overjoyed by what you choose and the level of personalization from choosing the version of the stone in their favorite color.

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