Can deBebians Customize Jewelry?

Custom Engagement Ring Custom Family Crest Signet Ring One of the biggest questions that we get from our customers is whether or not we can customize one of our pieces of jewelry or create a completely custom jewelry item. In short, the answer is yes! We design and manufacture all of our jewelry in Los Angeles, California, which makes it easy for us to customize a jewelry item just for you!

To get started, simply fill out our complimentary custom jewelry request form. In this form, you may attach any photos (if applicable) as well as provide us the details of what you’re looking to customize. We offer custom engagement rings, custom wedding bands, and even custom engraving for our signet rings. We’ve had customers design company signet rings with us as well as get a custom family crest engraving on a signet ring. Please view our Custom Jewelry Gallery to see some of our previously created pieces.

Our custom jewelry request form is the easiest way to get started. This form goes directly to our jewelry design team who will be able to let you know if a specific design is possible as well as what the custom price quote will be (custom price quotes are good for five business days).

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