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­­ diamond station necklace

A diamond bezel necklace can be customized many different ways.  You can keep it as a necklace and perhaps adjust the length to say 36” so you can double it up on your neck or wear it very long.  You can decide to make a diamonds station bracelet or even a pair of diamonds bezel dangle earrings.  The possibilities are endless.  Here are a few variations of the classic style necklace that we have designed for our clients.

One of my clients decided she wanted a diamond station style necklace but 34” long.  This way she could double it up or she could wear it just as one long necklace.  We even made the diamonds a few different sizes and placed them randomly throughout the piece.  It turned out to be a gorgeous piece and will be a staple for this client for years and years to come!

Another client wanted us to make a diamonds bezel style bracelet for her mother.  What a great idea!  However, since it’s a bracelet and may take more of a beating that a necklace, I decided to make a few modifications.  For example, all of the bezels are handmade so I did decide to bulk up the bezels just a bit for added protection.  We also decided to use a slightly thicker chain just in case the bracelet got snagged on something.  The bracelet turned out perfectly and the client was extremely pleased!

Diamond bezel dangle earrings are also a great modification to this classic design.  Typically the earrings hang about 3” and feature three diamonds each.  I like to design them with one diamond on the ear, then a little bit of chain, then another bezel set diamond, followed by a little more chain and then one final bezel at the bottom.

pear diamond station necklace An alternative to the classic bezel diamond necklace designs is to add a dangling piece from the necklace.  Recently I had a client who we sold a gorgeous pear shape diamond.  Together we came up with a design to create a necklace similar to a diamond station necklace but one that features a diamond halo with the pear shape diamond extending from the bottom.  See?  The possibilities are endless!

There are many ways to customize bezel diamond piece.  You can add gemstones, adjust the length, make a pair of earrings or even change the layout of the diamonds.  The possibilities are endless.

If you would like to inquire about customizing a diamonds bezel piece, please contact one of our designers!

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