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Best Ways to Make a Diamond Appear Larger

When looking to purchase the perfect center stone and engagement ring, it is true that every person wants to get the biggest bang for their buck.  There are any different possibilities to consider to make a diamond appear larger; however some of them come with a compromise.

Explore purchasing art deco engagement ring settings with diamond halos.  A round halo engagement ring will make the center diamond appear larger.  The diamond halo will enhance the center stone because the smaller diamonds around the center stone will blend together and make the center stone actually appear to be a much larger stone.  Choosing an engagement ring with side stones can have the same effect, but you must pay attention to the proportion of the side stones to the center stone.  Two larger side stones can actually make the center diamond appear smaller.

A round halo engagement ring with create the appearance that the center stone is actually larger than it really is.

Consider purchasing a fancy diamond cut, rather than round brilliant, for your center stone.  Diamond cuts with elongated shapes, such as oval or pear-shaped; usually look larger than a round diamond with the same carat weight.  Be careful though, as this is not the case with all fancy diamond shapes, such as cushion cut.

Purchase a stone with the correct depth parameters.  If a stone is cut too deep, it will face up smaller.  Although shallow cut stones appear larger, you will compromise the diamond’s brilliance.  This lessons the diamond’s beauty because the light traveling through a shallow cut stone will go out the back of the stone, rather than bounce off of the sides of the stone and back through the top.

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