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Best Graduation Gifts for College Grads

Signet Rings for Men and Women

Style # SRRS257

Whether you’re the parent or the grandparent of a recent college graduate, you are sure to be incredibly proud.  It feels like not so long ago you were helping them complete their dorm room checklist and giving them advice on what to expect.  You gave them pointers on how to do laundry correctly as well as helped them pack up the car when it was time to send them off.  Now they have completed the undergraduate education and it is time for them to start another new chapter in their life.  But what are the best gift ideas for recent college graduates?  A commemorative signet ring gold is the perfect way to celebrate their newest accomplishment.

Signet rings for men and women can be engraved with up to three initials.  These rings are symbolic of power and accomplishment and will be a wonderful reminder of what your favorite graduate has

already accomplished.  Signet rings for men and women can be worn on whichever finger the wearer chooses, with the ring fingers and pinkies being among the most popular choices.

Do like the look of a white gold or a yellow signet ring gold?

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