Asymmetrical Engagement Rings

With our latest product update, one of the new engagement ring designs that we added was an asymmetrical engagement ring.  While it is not the first asymmetrical ring that we added to our site, it is arguably the first truly asymmetrical band as it is not even symmetrical along a diagonal access like many of our other rings are.  Asymmetrical rings like our new piece are the most design oriented of the engagement rings we offer because they require more thought and consideration in the planning, which can also make them the most creative and meaningful.  With that in mind, I wanted to take this opportunity to look at some of my favorite asymmetrical rings.

1) Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring

Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring

This solitaire engagement ring has long been one of my favorites because of its simple design and the unique contours of the band.  There is a slight wave pattern in the metal and the head that holds the diamond in place is tilted ever so slightly to make it off center and give the impression that the band is really cradling the center stone.  The motif gives the feeling really cherishing the center diamond which is of course a symbol of the love shared between two people.  It is gently held by the band like a precious treasure.

2) Bypass Style Three Stone Engagement Ring

Bypass Style Three Stone Engagement Ring

The bypass style of this three stone engagement ring is one that is quite similar to that of the twisted band in that the bypass look has that “cradling” motif, but with a three stone ring, it’s about more than just the love shared.  A three stone engagement ring typically depicts the past, present, and future of the relationship which means that the thing that is emphasized as important and beloved is every day spent with that special person and everyday that will be spent with them as well as the incredible feeling that is felt now.  It is a variation of this style of engagement ring that really says that your partner is everything.

3) Tapered Asymmetrical Three Stone Engagement Ring

Tapered Asymmetrical Three Stone Engagement Ring

This is none other than the aforementioned new design that we just added.  It quickly rose to the ranks of one of my favorites because of it’s fascinating, unique style.  The previous rings have some amount of symmetry along a the diagonal and with the same size diamonds on either side of the center diamond even with asymmetrical elements like the twist and bypass, but this band is purely asymmetrical.  Only one side of the ring has the baskets upon which the diamonds are set and there is an effortlessly beautiful bend in the metal that wraps around the diamonds.  The overall look creates a sort of picture in motion as the tapered diamonds create the illusion of a comet or meteor flying through space getting ever closer to the viewer.  The smaller diamonds are like the trailing tail that comes behind the massive space rock with the band being much like the various gaseous formations out in space that the rock must shoot past.  From earth, comets and meteors were thought to be shooting stars upon which you can make a wish, so to have this in a ring symbolizes a dream come true.

We hope you enjoyed this look at these unique engagement ring designs. Feel free to search our site for our other wonderful designs.

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