Alternative Engagement Ring Designs

1. Emerald Cut Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Alternative Engagement Rings

Style # HE237-BS

Sapphire is a great alternative gemstone to be set in engagement rings. Sapphires score a 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness; this means they are hard enough to be set in fine jewelry. Sapphires will last a lifetime just like a diamond, and you get a beautiful color too! Most sapphires are cut into a round brilliant shape or oval shape, but an emerald cut sapphire is extremely rare and unique. I love our style HE237-BS for this reason! This ring features an approximate 2.00ct emerald cut sapphire. The pave diamonds on the shank are graduating and total at an approximate1.25cttw. The mounting is further accented with antique style hand engraving and milgrain. This ring is truly for someone who wants to be different than the rest.

2. Morganite Pear Pave Halo Engagement Ring

Alternative Gemstone Engagement Rings

Style # HE208-M

Morganite is a variety of the beryl species, just like emerald. In other words, morganite and emerald are first cousins if they were people! Morganite is a soft stone like emerald, so it does require extra care. Morganite can vary from a light pink color to a very warm peachy color, which is what deBebians seeks when sourcing our morganite stones. If I were to purchase a morganite engagement ring, I would choose our style HE208-M because I think a pear shape is very feminine, which compliments a rose gold morganite engagement ring. This ring features a 2.50ct morganite which is a very substantial size stone considering the price. This is nothing compared to an expensive 2.50ct diamond engagement ring! This mounting features U pave set diamonds for a very delicate and sparkly feel.

3. Eternity Ring with Radiant Diamonds

Non Traditional Engagement Rings

Style # RED-300S

Who says your engagement ring needs to be a single stone ring? Diamond eternities bands are a great way to get lots of bling without breaking the bank. Diamond eternities allow you to reach a larger carat total weight much more easily than when purchasing a single diamond. I know many women that prefer to only wear their diamond band, why not make the ring a staple piece? My personal favorite is an emerald cut eternity, but we offer almost all the fancy shapes: princess, radiant, cushion and asscher cuts as well!

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