2016 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts: Solitaire Necklaces

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (hint, hint all you guys who are last minute shoppers!) and believe me, ladies love to receive gifts on this special day of love. Yes, chocolate and a card are not only super thoughtful, but also delicious. Flowers are beautiful, but will not last more than a week or so. Don’t you want to get her something to really remember this day, something that will last longer than flowers and/or chocolate? I know you do!! Well, I have the perfect suggestion for you…a diamond solitaire necklace! Believe me, any lady would love to be presented with a jewelry box and to open it to find a lovely solitaire diamond necklace.

Valentine's Day Jewelry

Style # DPPK-20I currently starts at $440.00.

At deBebians, we offer a variety of diamond solitaire necklaces for any budget. You can choose from round brilliant or princess cut diamonds in a variety of carat weight options and qualities. Currently, our lowest priced diamond solitaire necklace in 14kt gold retails for only $440. Not too bad, huh? Yes, maybe if this is your first Valentines Day together, perhaps stick with chocolate and/or flowers. But, if you are looking for a diamond jewelry gift that won’t break the bank, this is what you need…errr she needs!

Valentine's Day Necklaces

Style # DSPR20I-4 currently starts at $490.00.

Most of the diamond solitaire necklaces we sell are with non-certfied diamonds. However, if you are seeking a GIA certified diamond solitaire necklace, we offer those, too. Again, you can pick from round or princess cut diamonds in a variety of carat weights. Typically, our certified diamond solitaire necklaces run higher in terms of price than our non-certified versions, but consider your budget and the size you are seeking, and then go from there.

Floating Diamond Necklace

Style # DP-05 can be customized with one of our GIA certified loose diamonds.

If you are really adventurous, you can build your own diamond solitaire necklace. The setting is available here  and you can use our certified loose diamond search to find any diamond for us to set into this setting for you. If you need some assistance with this process, do not hesitate to call on us. One of our GIA staff gemologists would be able to guide you to finding the perfect diamond to set into this necklace.

Either way, whatever your budget, consider a floating diamond solitaire necklace for your Valentine. This is a classic and timeless gift that she will be able to wear from day to night, for years to come. A piece like this will always be in style, no matter what. Happy shopping!

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