Custom Engagement Rings

Custom jewelry is a beautiful and truly unique way of showing just how much you care. Our team of designers and jewelers has extensive experience in creating breathtaking custom made engagement rings and custom jewelry, from concept to completion.


Our Custom Design Process

1. Request a Quote


Fill out the custom quote form, providing as much information as possible. Our designers will make a preliminary estimate and respond within 1-2 business days.

2. Concept



When you receive a call with your quote, you can discuss the details of your design and ask any questions. If you wish to do so, you can place the order at this time and proceed to step 3.

3. CAD & Wax Model


The designer will create a CAD (computer aided design) with 3D images of the ring based on the agreed upon specifications and send them via e-mail for your approval or modifications.

4. Approval & Finished Piece

Finished Ring

Upon receiving your approval, we begin the manufacturing process. The time between receiving your quote and shipping your completed ring is approximately 2-4 weeks.

Recently Purchased Custom Jewelry


Our recently purchased galleries feature just some of the many incredible custom pieces of jewelry designed and manufactured by deBebians.


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Client Testimonials
Custom bridal set

Client: Emma T.
Custom Bridal Set

Sam - I'm in love!!! Crazy, wonderful love, they are so spectacular!!!!!!!! Jason woke me up to see it. I'm happy to be woken up at 5am Sunday morning for something so amazing! You have truly made my dream a reality, my vision has come to life - I couldn't be happier! Now I just hope my finger is big enough to hold all of this gloriousness!!!

Thank you for all of your hard work, time, care and personal touches, I couldn't have wished for a more fantastic engagement and wedding ring to represent my union, love and new exciting life with Jason. It's breathtaking!

You are a creative genius! Thank you for everything, and for holding my hand in the decision making process - all the way from Australia to make these gorgeous masterpieces! You're the greatest jeweler, and such a wonderful person. Thank you Sam, thank you.

Custom pear shaped diamond engagement ring

Client: Robin J.
Custom Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Yesterday I received my new custom designed "Halo" engagement ring setting and I am so pleased with how it turned out. It is absolutely gorgeous and I just love it! After getting an outrageous quote from a local jeweler with my design idea, I decided to look around via the web. I was looking at other Halo designs/prices (my diamond is a pear and uncommon, not too easy to find in the "Halo" design) and happen to stumble upon deBebians.

I couldn't believe their prices, they seemed so reasonable that I had to call and inquire about my design idea and why their prices were so much lower than what I was quoted from my local jeweler. I spoke with Jaclyn first, she was very pleasant and recommended that I send an email to Sam with photos and ideas of what I wanted do with the pear shape diamond from my 15 year old engagement ring.

I got a quick response back and after a lengthy phone conversation with Sam I knew I had found the right person and the right jeweler. Sam was wonderful and seemed genuinely determined to create the exact ring I wanted and make it even more beautiful then all the photos I had sent him. Well, after all the emails, calls, and approving the computer designed image of my new ring, I am now wearing what I feel is the most beautiful ring ever! It was is exactly what I wanted and more. My pear looks incredible in the setting and the design was beyond anything I had expected. My husband was blown away and couldn't believe it was the same stone he purchased for me all those years ago...It looked that incredible. Thank you Sam for my dream ring and being so helpful and honest with me through the whole process! My husband loved the matching wedding band too, so it looks like we will also be getting that for our upcoming wedding anniversary in May...

P.S. Once I get the matching wedding band I will send you both of my old settings to create those beautiful earrings you thought of! Thank you again!

Flower Ring

Client: Anu I.
Custom Flower Ring

deBebians is as good (or should I say "GREAT!") as it gets! Being a typical engineering nerd, I gave them what they admitted as being their most complex design by far and they delivered the most outstanding results. My ring had 4 different pieces that had to be soldered together to create a multi-dimensional carved flower pattern while being able to accommodate a huge center stone on top. The ring's setting alone had over 250 stones which involved pave stone setting, as well as a filigree pattern on the ends of each of the petals and diamonds below them. I was a little reluctant at first because I had only dealt with them over the phone and had no way of meeting them in person without having to fly to CA from the east coast. But, I did a lot of research on them online where I read wonderful reviews about them and Sam gave me so much assurance about their capabilities that I decided to give them a shot.

I first "tested" them by buying an engraved, partially brushed platinum band for my husband and he beat every deal on the planet for it! When the ring arrived, it was perfect! I then decided to give them my custom ring order with just pictures of the ring from different angles. Sam and I must have gone back and forth at least a DOZEN times if not MORE (I am NOT exaggerating here at all!), making modifications to the CAD design with their engineers to get even the minutest details right from all possible angles, until he finally got the perfect design approved by me. Then, poor Sam kept calling me repeatedly to assure me that they were right on track with the manufacturing process and that I would love it once I see it, while I waited nervously for it. When the ring arrived, my jaw dropped in awe as the ring was breathtakingly gorgeous! It was EXACTLY what I had pictured if not better! I was absolutely amazed at the amount of details they got impeccably right just based on phone conversations and email exchanges. But, unfortunately it was a little snug (my mistake entirely!) so I had to send it to them for resizing. They not only resized it perfectly without affecting the delicate design in anyway but agreed to do so free of cost! I couldn't ask for anything better.

Thank you so much Sam for being so patient with me. The ring is absolutely extraordinary and I owe it all to you and your team at deBebians! I would also like to make a special mention to Jaclyn as well for being really wonderful in all of her communications with me and her incredible customer service throughout my ring resizing effort.
Get Started Start the process by requesting a free quote today.

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you'll ever purchase, so make sure it's perfect by designing it yourself. Our custom jewelry design services at deBebians make it easy to create a ring with a personal touch. When you present your future spouse with a custom ring, it shows just how much you care in a unique and beautiful way. And because our designers and jewelers are here to help you along the way from concept to completion, coming up with a one-of-a-kind engagement ring design is easier than ever. Our team has the design experience to make your vision for the custom-made diamond rings and custom-made wedding rings come to life.

If you're not sure what type of engagement ring you'd like to design, we suggest browsing our collection to get some ideas. Start thinking about some of the basic elements you'd like to include, such as the type of metal you'd like for the band and any specific types of stones you'd like to include. For example, you might prefer the classic and timeless look of a pretty diamond solitaire ring or a modern and brilliant moissanite engagement ring with gemstone accents. In addition, come up with a general budget for your ring design. Then, you can request a free quote for your custom-made engagement ring or call us toll-free at 1-877-472-2700 or direct at 1-213-627-1300 to discuss the details.

Once you've requested a quote, we'll discuss your concept and hammer out some of the details with you. If you decide to place an order, our designers will create a CAD (computer aided design) with 3D images of the ring based on the agreed upon specifications and send them via email for your approval or modifications. Once you approve of the design, your ring will be carefully crafted using high-quality stones and materials, and shipped directly to your door. It only takes about two to four weeks from receiving your quote to shipping out your completed ring. Contact us to learn more or submit your custom quote form today.

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