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Children are a mother's most cherished gifts. What better way for a mother to showcase her love for her children and share her pride in who they have become than with sentimental mothers' birthstone rings?  Whether you are shopping for yourself, your spouse or your mother, you will discover many stylish options in our quality collection of genuine birthstone rings. From birthdays to Mother's Day to the holidays to just because, when mothers rings with genuine stones are given as a gift, they will be received with delight. Browse our engravable mothers' rings below or contact us today for more information!

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Our mothers rings come in an array of designs, details and precious metal options so that you can find the one that reflects your personal jewelry style. Choose from classic thin bands, bypass styles, split shank designs or vintage-inspired looks. Each ring can then be personalized with the birthstone of every child. You can opt to wear a thin band with a single birthstone for each child to create a stacked look, or you can select a ring that can accommodate several birthstones on one design. Depending on the ring, many can be customized with as many as eight gemstones. How you choose to arrange the gems is up to you, though the gems are usually set in order from oldest to youngest.

Our rings are set in 14-karat white or yellow gold, and all of the gemstones that we use are genuine stones that are untreated, meaning they have not undergone any heat or chemical treatments to improve the color or clarity. They appear strictly in their naturally occurring colors.

In addition to moms, these rings make a touching gift for grandmothers, aunts or any other special mother figure. Jewelry always makes a welcoming gift, but when you take the time to have a piece personalized, the gesture is that much more special.

Contact us with any questions or suggestions for personalizing your ring or for further customizing options.

Tell Mom You Love Her with Birthstones

Mother's pendants have special meaning for moms because they include beautiful birthstones. Many moms (and grandmas) enjoy wearing necklaces that remind them of the children they cherish, and birthstones represent the birth month of each child under her loving care.

A Quick Guide to Birthstone Meaning

Birthstones are beautiful to look at and they also have special meaning beyond the birth month. Leaning what each stone represents adds extra fun to your gift.

January Garnet: faith, healing, lasting friendship; February Amethyst: peace, courage, protection; March Aquamarine: communication, tranquility; April White Sapphire: fairness, happiness, prosperity; May Emerald: abundance, compassion, loyalty; June Rhodolite Garnet: love, compassion, kindness; July Ruby: prosperity, protection, passion; August Peridot: abundance, positivity, strength; September Sapphire: wisdom, focus, protection; October Pink Sapphire: acceptance, love, balance; November Citrine: clarity, imagination, positivity; December Topaz: serenity, harmony, relaxation.

How to Choose Birthstones

We make choosing birthstones for our pendants as easy as pie. Each stone has a drop-down menu with the list of months and the corresponding gemstone associated with that month. The default month is January and the default stone is garnet. To select a different month and stone simply click the menu.

Make Mother's Day and Birthdays Special

Mother's pendants are offered in contemporary styles that appeal to many women. You can easily create a personalized Mother's Day birthstone necklace, or a special necklace to give as a birthday gift. Most pendants include a matching gold chain, so mom can wear her charming gift right away.

Excellent Variety of Pendant Styles

Finding a mother's necklace style is a pleasant task thanks to the wonderful variety of finely-crafted pendant designs. Browse to find heart-shaped pendants, cross pendants, round and square-shaped pendants with accent detailing that ranges from simple to elaborate. Every fashionable design comes with our 30-day return and exchange guarantee.