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If you’re looking for a lab grown diamond for your engagement ring, earrings or necklace, browse our collection of lab created diamonds in all of the most popular cuts and sizes. We can also work with you to create a beautiful custom piece of jewelry with lab-grown diamonds.

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For every occasion, lab-grown diamonds provide an ethically-sourced alternative to a mined diamond. With all of the sparkle, glamor and durability coupled with lab-created value and precision.

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What is a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds (also called lab created diamonds) are physical and chemical equals to mined natural diamonds, and they are “real diamonds.” The difference is between mined and lab grown diamonds is simply how they are created.

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes. Whether or not the diamond was mined or grown in a lab, to be called a “diamond” it needs to be chemically equal in every aspect. Lab created diamonds are not “fake” diamonds nor a simulated diamond like a cubic zirconia or similar.

Why should I buy a lab grown diamond?

At deBebians, we’ve found that customers who seek out lab-grown diamonds are most likely interested in one or all of the three benefits of lab grown gemstones – lower price point, ethically sourced and a much softer ecologic footprint. Because diamonds grown in a lab do not require the physical mining of land, there is a lot less waste and almost zero risk of physical labor.

Is a lab-created diamond as valuable as a natural diamond?

Much of the value and allure of diamonds historically has been in their beauty, sparkle and rarity. Lab-grown diamonds are not as rare simply because they can be manufactured in a highly-controlled and repeatable process. As for long-term value, much like precious metals, the market is ever changing and fluctuating, so we do not advise nor project future value.