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Summer Sale Event Extended: 10% off deBebians Fine Jewelry

July 13, 2020 0 min read

We wanted to highlight a few of our most popular jewelry items that are currently on sale from July 1, 2020 through July 13, 2020.
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New Emerald Jewelry from deBebians

June 24, 2020 0 min read

Even now, we are still striving to add more jewelry to our website and are thrilled to announce the addition to some emerald jewelry to deBebians. An emerald is a type of beryl and has a deep bluish green hue. 
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Favorite Moissanite Jewelry

April 24, 2020 0 min read

It wasn’t that long ago that moissanite was new to the world of jewelry, but today it is one of the most sought after gems. We wanted to share a few of our favorite pieces of moissanite jewelry for you to consider.
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Ready-To-Ship Aquamarine Jewelry

March 31, 2020 0 min read

Our ready-to-ship aquamarine jewelry is perfect for last minute gift ideas, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary.
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Women's Signet Rings from deBebians

February 03, 2020 0 min read

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Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts

January 14, 2020 0 min read

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Pearl Bridal Jewelry

January 08, 2020 0 min read

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Grey Spinel Rings: New Trend Alert

December 10, 2019 0 min read

Grey spinel is a lovely option for an engagement ring, right hand ring, or other piece of statement jewelry. We carry a variety of one-of-a-kind grey spinel rings that are ready to ship.
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Peacock Sapphire Engagement Rings

November 21, 2019 0 min read

A peacock sapphire is a fancy colored sapphire that exhibits colors of green and blue.
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New Ready-To-Ship Jewelry Available from deBebians

November 01, 2019 0 min read

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Custom Signet Rings

August 12, 2019 0 min read

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Unique Designs Featuring Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

June 26, 2019 0 min read

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